Stolen Cover

Jolene Conroy, a celebrated author and photographer, grapples with the daunting task of crafting her memoir to honor her late husband, a victim of a tragic car accident she miraculously survived. Despite the haunting memories, she opts for the therapeutic approach of longhand writing, a form of journaling to purge her emotions and authentically experience the grief. Photography becomes her refuge, a means to escape the overwhelming thoughts that consume her.

During a wedding photography assignment, Jolene passes the accident site, leading to a distracted encounter with Officer Jodi McCain, who offers her his phone number. The decision to call him becomes more complicated when Jodi responds to a noise complaint at Jolene’s apartment during her absence. Recognizing her name, Jodi contacts her, suggesting they reconnect upon her return. However, upon her arrival, Jolene is confronted with the harsh reality of a burglary, resulting in a heated dispute with her roommate and eventual eviction.

This incident unexpectedly draws Jolene and Jodi closer, fostering a connection as they navigate the complexities of dating. Jolene begins unraveling the mystery of Jodi’s past, discovering his brother’s institutionalization without delving into specifics. Simultaneously, graphic dreams of her husband’s death persist, now intertwined with unsettling visions of Jodi. As Jolene attempts to express her emotions in her journals, the realization that they too have been stolen intensifies her distress.